Our Mission Statement:

To promote the passion and fellowship inherent in the enjoyment of cigars through social events, the passing on of knowledge and through camaraderie.

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Club Photo The Society of Unrepentant Cigar Connoisseurs (SUCC) is a diverse group comprised of individuals aged 19 and older. We are a society of enthusiasts with a common passion for premium cigars and everything that goes along with them.

Our society organizes weekly cigar socials and various tobacco-friendly events throughout the year. Our events typically promote fellowship, the sharing of knowledge, and the camaraderie of the cigar.

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Club Lounge SUCC is a non-commercial entity dedicated to the promotion of the social aspects of the cigar culture. From a humble beginning in 2003, the group grew and met socially to share in the culture of the cigar and in January of 2006, this fellowship voted to formally establish itself as a cigar club.

While our raison d’être is the camaraderie of the cigar; our membership promotes itself as Cigar Culture Ambassadors. We provide a cadre of cigar aficionados immersed in the passions of the cigar culture: premium cigars, good food and the company of great friends.

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Celebratimg the Cammaraderie of the Cigar